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My name is Selena Hoitt and I am the founder of Hoitt Home Designs. Being from New England, my family would often times visit Newport, Rhode Island and tour the mansions. That is where my love for architecture really developed. I will never forget being a small child watching, "This Old House" and how Bob Villa would magically transform houses. I grew up thinking that I always wanted to pursue a career helping people turn a house into a home. 

In 2019, I left my Administrative position to be my father's fulltime caregiver while he battled cancer. He always iterated to me that is life is too short to be unhappy and to follow my passion and pursue what I love. When he passed, I did just that and created Hoitt Home Designs to pursue my passion for turning a house into a home. I strive to help people reinvent or edit their spaces to create environments that foster comfort, functionality, and beauty.

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I find that enhancing your space can be an excellent outlet to find peace and serenity in your life. I look forward to bringing my skills and experience to help you through your spatial challenges.

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