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Hoitt Home Designs Grandmillennial Living Room E-Design Board
Benefits of Interior Styling:
  • Tackle the design one space at a time
  • At your own pace
  • As your budget allows

Interior Styling is a cost effective alternative to Interior Design. With this service we are able to offer a simple, affordable alternative to full-service interior design. Within the Interior Styling process, I incorporate Redesigns and E-Design services.
Redesign is  perfect for clients who want design direction and designer expertise,  but don't mind doing a little legwork. Redesign focuses on enhancing your current living space by utilizing what the homeowner has on hand and likes and incorporate these items into the overall room design.  
E-Design utilizes design products presented in a Mood Board to create a visual roadmap for the overall room design. I gather information from you to learn what you envision for your space, and then we create a beautiful and functional custom design plan for you that serves as a do it yourself guide to create the space. 

Interior Styling process

shutterstock_703977556 (1)_edited_edited

We begin with a consultation to identify your initial style goals and timeline for your space. 
The consultation phase of the Redesign process involves getting to know you, your style and what you want to achieve in the overall design. 

A paint fan deck icon to represent the design process.

Next, using a virtual design platform, I will put together an E-Design Design Board based on the inspirational photo you presented. The Design Board will include furniture layout, lighting, and accessory designs, that fit the functional and aesthetic needs of your space. 

A computer monitor icon to represent the process of Redesign and the final goal of creating a Design Mood Board to be presented to the client

Lastly, I organize all our design ideas, tools, and tips into a comprehensive
E-Design Board plan that will serve as a
do-it-yourself guide, along with product links to implementing the design.

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