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Homes are the central location for family gatherings, and a place for rest and relaxation. Right now, we live such busy lives that it can seem challenging to keep up with. Sometimes we just need a fresh set of eyes to review the current space and identify what clutter and disorganizing challenge is holding you back, so you can get back on track and pursue doing what you love.


With Hoitt Home Designs, you can take the stress out of moving into your new home. Get unpacked and organized right from the start. I will handle your home setup and unpacking so you can finally come home. Imagine having no cardboard boxes in your home within a few days of the movers leaving your home with every room organized with custom, specific systems for you and your family. Moving is the best time to get organized and clearing out the clutter because you’re starting with a blank slate and can begin with a fresh start.


Have a space that is drab? At Hoitt Home Designs, I utilize Redesign and E-Design methods to tweak or completely revamp the space to create an environment that is personalized to your individual style.

Redesign focuses on enhancing your current living space by utilizing what the homeowner has on hand and likes and incorporate these items into the overall room design. 
E-Design focuses is a simple, affordable alternative to traditional interior design because the service is performed virtually, cutting out the need for in-person meetings & travel.  

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