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The Containerized Pantry

We have all seen the perfect pantries on Pinterest, with all the air tight containers individually labeled. Have you ever wondered, do I need this in my life? Is it worth the effort? Here are some Pros and Cons to consider when chosing to containerize your pantry.


  • It looks great! Having uniform labeled containers is easier on the eyes and overall looks clean and crisp.

  • You can easily see when your running low on certain items.

  • You can make better use of your space.

  • Keeps food items fresher and longer.

  • Reduce trips to the market by storing larger amounts of contents at home.


  • It can take time in the beginning setting up a plan of which items to put in containers and the actual size of the containers to fit your pantry.

  • It can be expensive purchasing all the containers and or labels.

  • You will loose the instructions and ingredient list from the packaging.

  • There might be a dilemma if all of the contents do not fit into the container. How will you store the surplus?

  • It can be challenging if you do not buy the same food regularly.

  • Sometimes foods look more appealing in it's original marketing packages.

Sometimes using containers is beneficial. Before you spend the time, energy, and expense, consider some Pros and Cons. Remember you want to make your life easier not boggled down with more tedious tasks.

Helpful Tips if you decide to give it a try:

  • Select a tried and true container style that has been on the market for some time.

  • Start with a few basics such as sugar, flour, pasta, or coffee. to see how you like it.

  • Before purchasing a container look to see how many ounces come in the original package. Source a container to fit the entire contents to eliminate trying to figure out how to store the surplus.

  • Write an expiration date on the back of the container.

  • Be cautious of getting carried away by putting all dry food items into containers. Remember the goal is make your life easier, not more tedious.

Make Your Space Truly Yours

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